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Mostly I just putter.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Bother

All of this recession talk makes me want to do something proactive rather than dwell on the doom-and-gloom that seems to permeate the news these days. Yes, times are tough, but how can we make something positive come from this? I purchased this book after skimming a few chapters thinking it would help me be more proactive about our finances and optimistic about the future. Unfortunately, the book was completely worthless to me. The budgeting information was standard fare, the tips for saving money were the same as everyone else's, and the completely random relationship advice was heinous:

"During a weak economy, expect that your man will be hit on by other women with alarming frequency. The vultures will be hungry and looking for a meal ticket from any man with a pulse and a steady income...Stay alert and aware of your husband's whereabouts, his social schedule, and with whom he associates" (p. 118).

The relationship advice only got worse from there. I should have stayed away from the book when the title made me wince, but there are so few books out there that take the approach that I'm wanting to believe: things are bad, they might get worse, but there are things we can do to come out OK on the other side.

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