Mostly I just putter.

Doctoral student, amateur cook, beginning sewer.

Mostly I just putter.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christmas Music

Last December Kimberly and I went to a concert that I'm still talking about 10 months later. The Colorado Symphony Orchestra did "Too Hot to Handel", a gospel interpretation of Handel's Messiah. At the end of the concert I was crying and had goosebumps because it was so powerful. The familiar sounds of the Hallelujah Chorus plus an amazing groove with drums, bass guitar, and piano filled the auditorium in a way I've never experienced. It was a given that we would go again this year.

The good people at the CSO sent me a coupon this week for 25% off all holiday concert tickets, so not only are we going to the concert, but we're also going to have better seats than last year!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Higher Education Nerdery

I'm taking a leadership class right now. I am generally opposed to leadership classes because a) they rarely present new or challenging information, b) everybody and their mother has written a leadership book, and c) quite often the people presenting on leadership completely lack leadership skills themselves. I am cynical.

However, if you are in higher education and you are interested in leadership, Steven Sample's Contrarian's Guide to Leadership is worth the investment of time. He can back up his statements with real-world experience and actually has some different perspectives. He dislikes lawyers with a passion rarely seen outside of the opinion page of the newspaper, which I find amusing.


So much has happened since the last time I posted! Life in bullet points again...:
  • My niece was born last week! Her big brother is very excited.
  • The Mister and I celebrated our 6th anniversary at the Melting Pot.
  • I got a big fat promotion at work.
  • Still in school, but I have a plan to finish and I'm scheduled to graduate in May of 2013. Only 8 semesters to go!
  • Our veggie garden was awesome. Next year, only 1 squash plant--I'm so tired of squash.

I have no idea if I'll be able to maintain this blog, but I'm going to try.