Mostly I just putter.

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Mostly I just putter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Histories and Mysteries

That's all I've been reading lately, it seems.

I'd give them all a B+. Bennett's work is always well-researched, whether you agree with his politics or not is another issue. The Johnson mystery was a strange mix of Asian, American, and Native American cultures but he made it work. Kanafani's story gave deeper insight into Mid-East politics (which I badly need), and Redemption was a scary trip into the future. It emphasized post-9/11 politics and civil liberties.


sulu-design said...

I'm a big fan of historical fiction, but don't read much historical non-fiction. However, for a few graduate classes, I read parts of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States and Robert Caro's The Power Broker (maybe of interest only to New Yorkers, about Robert Moses) and really enjoyed both. I should crack the spines of a few more history books... I definitely could use the information!

Beulah Sorensen said...

I love historical fiction, too. If it's history, I will (generally) read it. Thanks for the book recommendations!

What/where was your grad program?