Mostly I just putter.

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Mostly I just putter.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Must Read

Just finished The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillippa Gregory, and I loved it. Somewhere in the middle of the book I realized that I knew the ending but I just didn't care. The story was so engaging that I could pretend that maybe the outcome would be different. Now I'm anxious to read the other books by Gregory.
I know they made this book into a movie, but I've rarely enjoyed movies more than the books. The movie in my head is always better and more dramatic. However, for this one I might reconsider. Has anyone seen the movie? Is it worth possibly corrupting the movie in my head a little bit?


Marsha said...

She's an excellent author and her books are quite well written. Enjoy the read!

Beulah Sorensen said...

It was awesome...I'm heading to the library this weekend to see if they have any more of her books!