Mostly I just putter.

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Mostly I just putter.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mostly Unpacked

Now that we've been in the house for a year and we're feeling (mostly) settled, I thought I'd post a few pictures of my favorite features.

I'm pretty sure I got the idea for the fabric/embroidery hoop display from Alicia. Everyone on the internet has done it--I also saw it on the Martha Stewart show--but it fit two criterion for me: 1. it was inexpensive and 2. it used up some of the scraps that I had accumulated.

Don't tell the Mister, but I really like the neutral color of our paint. My heart was set on painting but the Mister's heart was set on leaving well enough alone. Although the color reminds me of every rental and flipped house we saw on the market, it does make the room feel really warm. It also makes our black picture frames pop.

The big picture window in the living room still manages to make our tiny Christmas trees (real tree = expensive!) look big and beautiful. The wood floors have a lovely honey color to them.

All right, enough of the real estate lovefest. I don't dare show you the downstairs or the backyard!


Becky Vartabedian said...

Our backyard is a disaster. I was willing to take a wrecked yard in favor of a livable and updated interior. We were gone for three weeks and now our front yard is wrecked, too, but somehow the weeds manage to survive. Everyone keeps telling me to be patient, but I'd frankly like it to fix itself.

sulu-design said...

I did the embroidery hoop thing, too... yours is far cuter than what I came up with. I like how you clustered them above your bed.

Kamma said...

Looks like you guys have a beautiful house! Hope things are well...Kamma